Ali Sajjad Taj has a B.A. in Economics and Statics; He completed his Masters in Public Administration with emphasis in Marketing. In addition, he has acquired FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) Licenses Series 4, Series 7, Series 24, Series 51 and Series 66. He has license for the State of California for Life and Health.

He has been with Financial Services Industry for the last 12 years. During his career has held several important and key positions with Multinational Firms like American Express, Ameriprise Financial, Weddell & Reed and T.D. Ameritrade. He has worked as Financial Planner, District Manager, Regional Manager, Managing Principal, and in Vice President Positions.

A defining moment of Mr. Ali Sajjad’s career was when he began his first leadership role as District Manager with American Express in 2002 and later Vice President for Ameriprise Financial. It was then that he realized that it wasn’t about him and what he could do. What really mattered was how he could influence his team and bring about results through others. His region continued to rank top in the country under his strong leadership. He had turned around the Central California Region for Weddell & Reed in a short time as the Managing Principal. He managed, an asset size, close to a Billion Dollars at TD Ameritrade and advised his clients.

Mr. Ali Sajjad continues to be a proponent of mentoring relationships and has been known to take on anywhere from two to ten mentees at any given time. He also still maintains a mentor himself at all times, as he believes you should never stop developing yourself as a leader. Also an avid reader, he enjoys everything from crime dramas to historical fiction to biographies. Among his favorites are books about Harry Truman who once said, “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”

Despite his unquestioned success, Mr. Ali Sajjad remains humble about his accomplishments. He maintains that it’s important to keep the right perspective, something he’s strived to instill in his son. He often reminds him, as well as his colleagues, of a story from one of his favorite books, “The Noticer” . The author says that life is a lot like a game of Monopoly: you may own Boardwalk and Park Place with two hotels but, when the game is over, all those pieces are going back in the box.

Without a doubt, it was his hard work and desire to excel that got him off to a great start at his career. It was his vision and courage that moved him up the ladder.

Today, it is his Warmth, Passion, his Strong Leadership Skills and a Profound Financial Planning Background that will make him such a Valuable Resource for the residents of City of Artesia.