I would like serve the residents of Artesia.

I am energetic, professional, experienced and loyal to the cause.

I plan to make a difference to the Artesia residents by:

1. Maintain High level of public safety:

In my opinion this is the most important issue. Even though over the years the crime rate has gone down in the city of Artesia, we should continue to have our main focus on keeping the streets very safe. I will ensure that we continue to make it as a priority

2. Continue to Work on Basics like Roads, Side Walks, Street Lights, Parks and etc:

I would like to launch a program called back to Basics. My focus will be on the basics like repair & construct new roads, repair of the sidewalks, more street lights, removal of graffiti, simply trimming of the trees, etc. Again focus is to continue to improve upon them, even though at sometimes we tend to neglect them.

3. Support Existing and Open New Small Businesses:

We need continuous growth in our city. I would like to call small business the life blood of the city. Small Business is the revenue generators and job creators. I will have a lot of focus on supporting existing businesses and bringing new businesses to the City of Artesia

4. Ensure Citizens input in City Government Decision Making:

It is very important to have the citizens input. I will make sure that citizens are heard in the decision making process.

5. Invest in our Youth and Senior Citizens:

Investing in our youth is critical as they are the future of our city. At the same time it is very important to learn from the experience of our senior citizens. I will ensure that we create programs and have involvements of our youth and senior citizens of the city of Artesia.

6. Cut wasteful Government Spending and Serve as Fiscal Watchdog:
I would like to bring my expertise and experience of Financial Planning to provide help and serve as a fiscal watchdog to the city.
As you visit my website, you will learn about my vision and how I can help and make a true and sincere difference in the lives of Artesia residents.
I look forward to see you all at my campaign trail.